Health Benefits Of Pure And Organic Ashwagandha For Overall Health

pure and organic ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is scientifically known as Withania Somnifera, which helps in improving immunity. It is a potent adaptogen and aphrodisiac herbs used in treating impotence, cancer, uterine weakness, asthma, anaemia, arthritis (gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis). Even, pure and organic Ashwagandha supports in treating ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), diabetes, high cholesterol level, Parkinson’s disease and fibromyalgia.

Ashwagandha is also known as Indian ginseng used in Ayurveda since a very long time as crucial part of Ayurvedic treatment for several health conditions. In Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is a Rasayana (health rejuvenator), which is popular for improving vitality, stamina, longevity etc. As well as it helps in improving memory function, mental functions and boost your concentration. It protects brain from dementia and degeneration. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to overcome pain, inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

The actual meaning of Ashwagandha is “smell of horse”. It is named because of two main reasons like-

  • First- Roots of Ashwagandha emit the smell of horse.
  • Second- It is believed that the intake of Leanhealth Ashwagandha in any form helps in developing vitality, stamina, strength as similar to a horse.

pure and organic ashwagandha

Health benefits of parts of Ashwagandha-

Generally, roots of Ashwagandha in Ayurvedic medicine for aphrodisiac and rejuvenative purposes. Even, other parts of Ashwagandha plants like seeds, leaves and flowers also possess therapeutic properties.

  • Roots of Ashwagandha are highly beneficial for its medicinal properties. It is used as a narcotic; astringents, aphrodisiac, diuretic, stimulant, and anthelmintic (expel parasites or microorganism from the body). It is used for treating Leukoderma (skin disorders), constipation and goitre.
  • Leaves of Ashwagandha useful for reducing painful swelling and fever.
  • Seeds of Ashwagandha exhibit anthelmintic properties means to expel the parasites from the body.
  • Flowers of Ashwagandha show diuretic and aphrodisiac functions.

Ashwagandha capsules contain a variety of health promoting compounds like volatile oil, amino acid, starch and alkaloids. Ashwagandha leaves and fruits are overloaded with tannins and flavonoids, these are Antioxidant and neutralize free radicals. They help to fight against oxidative stress and overcome the inflammation.

Ashwagandha loaded with different minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, which makes Ashwagandha as a great health tonic, energy booster, immunity booster, and a stress buster.

How to take Ashwagandha capsules?

For getting the desired results in improving overall health, an individual should take one Ashwagandha capsules on a regular basis two times a day i.e. morning or evening after your meal.

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