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Shilajit Resin

Shilajit Resin

  • Boosts Strength & Stamina
  • Improves Immunity
  • Increases Testosterone Level

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The pure Himalayan Shilajit is said to have powerful elements that contribute to Ayurveda’s holistic overall healthcare. It is believed to originate from the majestic Himalayan range that sur. . . Read More

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Why should you buy?

Boosts Strength & Stamina

Shilajit resin, a natural substance rich in fulvic acid and minerals, enhances strength and stamina by improving mitochondrial function, boosting energy production, and promoting efficient nutrient absorption. Its antioxidant properties combat fatigue and support muscle recovery, while its adaptogenic nature helps the body adapt to physical stress, ultimately leading to increased endurance.

Improves Immunity

Shilajit resin is renowned for its immune-boosting properties, thanks to its rich composition of minerals, fulvic acid, and antioxidants. It strengthens the immune system by enhancing white blood cell activity, promoting the production of antibodies, and combating harmful pathogens. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory effects help reduce immune system overactivity, contributing to overall immune balance and resilience.

Increases Testosterone Level

Shilajit resin is believed to increase testosterone levels due to its ability to regulate hormones, including testosterone. Rich in fulvic acid and minerals, it supports the production of testosterone in the body by enhancing testicular function and improving blood flow to reproductive organs. Regular intake of shilajit resin may help maintain healthy testosterone levels, promoting vitality and overall well-being.


How to use

  • Step 1:
    take a pea sized portion of shilajit resin
  • Step 2:
    dissolve in lukewarm water or milk
  • Step 3:
    Consume twice daily after meals
  • Step 4:
    For Best Result use At least 3 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since shilajit resin is rich in fulvic acid, a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it may also protect against free radicals and cellular damage. As a result, regular use of shilajit may contribute to longevity, a slower aging process, and overall better health.

Men who consume Sudh Shilajit resin have high levels of energy and usually feel better about their body image. This is primarily because of the nutrient density which Shilajit is filled with.

Nutriherbs Shilajit resin is a health rejuvenator that improves sexual stamina and also improves energy levels. This helps manage chronic fatigue, tiredness, lethargy and fatigue due to diabetes. Shilajit is known to improve the testosterone level and enhance male fertility.

Shilajit is known to boost libido and energy levels which is why it features as a top herb for sexual health problems. Used since ancient times, shilajit can also be used for premature ejaculation and other sexual health disorders.

Shilajit helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and thus has a positive impact on the reproductive health of women. It improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the reproductive organs. Shilajit actively helps in the removal of toxins and chemicals.

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